Seminar on IoT Organized

Virupakshaiah delivering a talk on IoT(Internet of Things).

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized seminar on IoT (Internet of Things) on 4 May 2016 for the higher semester students.Senior Software Engineer Virupakshaiah delivered talk on the topic IoT. Virupakshaiah has vast experience in IT Industries such as Mindtree, Philips, Samsung companies for past 15 years. He obtained his M.Tech. in Computer Science from J.C. College of Engineering. He served in AITM as Lecturer from 1997 to 2000.

The Contents of the seminar talk briefly mentioned here.

Let’s understand IoT

  • In simple terms, it is a Network of Things/Physical Objects/Entities, which are enabled with electronics, software, sensors and network connectivity and exchange data over the Internet.
  • A simple example: Switching off the light of your Home from your mobile phone sitting at your office over internet.
  • Here the physical objects are switch/light , Home controller at your home and your mobile phone/you.
  • When you click on your mobile phone, to switch off the light at your home,  your mobile phone send’s a command to the home controller at your home over Internet, and then home controller sends the signal to the switch to OFF over the local network.
  • Once it is OFF, home controller send the acknowledgement back to your mobile phone over Internet to indicate the result.

Why Do We Need IoT

  • It makes Things/Physical Objects/Entities work/behave efficiently to gain better result in terms of energy saving, create convenience, safety, security, business and economy.
  • Improve quality of life: comfort, safe, secured and fun living experience.
  • Huge business opportunity: As application of IoT is vast, such as Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Health, Industrial Automation etc.
  • Scope of IoT
  • Global Internet usage increasing day by day, creating more scope for IoT. As per the statistics, around 50 billion devices are expected to connect by 2020, you can imagine the future of IoT, its growth rate and business opportunity it is going to create.

What We Need To Do

  • As a Educational institute, we need to get ready for the enormous opportunity that is going to be created by the IoT, when we go out of the Institute.
  • Make a small group of 2 to 3 people, and create a schedule of 15 days/ 1 month cycle to experiment.
  • Start by going through the white papers, journal or websites on IoT.
  • Start experimenting/implementing and get your hands dirt.
  • Start with the small things such as controlling a light switch, TV etc from your mobile phone.
  • Earliest is the better, but BE 3rd year can be ideal time to start, as by that time you might have understood the basic fundamentals of engineering.
  • With this preparedness, once you come out of the Institute, either you can directly get absorbed by the Industries or you can start your own.