Research Centre

The centre primarily supports the M.Sc. (Engineering) and Ph.D. programmes wherein both in-house and outside faculty members are guided through instructions / extending of facilities. Presently the affiliation of Research Centre covers two disciplines, namely Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering.

Apart from the regular research works, the centre has in its purview, few general activities related to the upgrading of facilities in and around the campus like:

  • Waste water recycling from hostel output
  • Laboratory equipment upgrading through students’ projects or otherwise
  • Green initiatives for campus
  • Developing some useful software

Further, it also takes up:

  • Proposal Submissions for Grants/ Projects
  • Publications of research findings

Research Centre is linked to various divisions of the State Government and Visvesvaraya Technological University such that any initiative gets linked to AITM. Link is also established with the Central Government organisations, NITs and IITs. The Centre’s help is extended to: E-learning, Study notes preparation and PowerPoint presentations, seminar report preparation, documentations, project work finalisation of students etc.