Applied Sciences

Applied Sciences

Applied science applies existing scientific knowledge to develop more practical applications, like technology or inventions. Applied Sciences provide the needed platform for the development of technology. The advancement in technology is a result of the intensive research and development in the different areas of applied sciences.

The department aims at imparting knowledge of different aspects of applied sciences useful in engineering and technology for the students of all engineering disciplines. In-depth knowledge of applied science is of paramount importance in the learning of any branch of engineering and technology. The applied science department staff always motivate the students towards greater attention and hard labour, which the subject demands. The upgrading of the department is an outgoing process by procuring the advanced apparatus and other necessary equipment as per Visvesvaraya Technology University.

The staff is constantly in touch with the latest developments in various fields of science and technology and imparts the same to the students. Most of our teachers are associated with the research and development and have successfully published scientific papers. The department has successfully implemented weak student support programmes with excellent results. This has been a moral boost towards academic excellence.


Jaffrullah Shaik

Head of Applied Sciences
Prof. Jaffrullah Shaik