Why Study at AITM

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Anjuman Institute of Technology and Management was founded in 1980. Located a top a hill, the main building embodies saracenic architectural features and has been acclaimed as an epitome of grace, beauty and harmony by all discerning eyes regardless of personal proclivities. The campus skirted around by the blue Arabian Sea, azure sky, the majestic Western Ghats, the green valleys, the tall and slender coconut trees, modern mansions, mosques and minarets rising high above, is presenting an enthralling and unique panoramic picture. It is in such an inspiring and captivating natural setting that the college is encased. Such an atmosphere of pristine peace and harmony has indeed a salubrious influence on young receptive minds that we train to be future professionals for nation-building.

Faculty and Alumni

On the academic side, the institute has a team of competent and experienced faculty, dedicated to their duties and imparting instruction by caring to instill a sense of creativity in their students. One thing we must emphasise is that we do not simply rest on our laurels but also care for the academic development of our staff. Happily, many of them are pursuing research for their doctoral degrees. Also, they have publised learned research papers in respectable professional journals in India and abroad, This certainly has been a key factor for the incredible success of our students in examinations. It is a matter of immense satisfaction for us that many of our alumni have carved out a niche in profession and business, and are spread all over India and in other countries as well.

Students and Facilities

The number of students on roll as of now stands at 892. Except for the local day scholars, all others live in well furnished and comfortable hostels, enabling them to focus on their primary task of studying with minimum distraction. Moreover, we provide excellent facilities and amenities for sports and cultural activities in the vast campus of the institute.


In regard to facilities, the college has well equipped workshops and labs to cater to the needs of different specialities that we offer, In addition, we have a well stocked library which students make good use of.

Cultural and Extra Curricular Activities

Our staff and students periodically organise all India and state level seminarsand symposiums; with workshops as an adjunct, to which are invited eminent experts and participated by a good number of delegates. These have proved to be highly successful and beneficial as an effective source for enhancing learning by our students, It must be particularly mentioned that these activites are the product of enthusiasm and team-spirit generated by our staff and students, demonstrating thereby that the process of teaching and learning is a joint endeavour.