Prof. Muhammad Rizwan Shaikh

Prof. Mohammed Rizwan Shaikh

Position: Assistant Professor,

Department of Computer Science and Engineering.


●      (Ph.D.) MIT, Manipal, MAHE.

  • Tech in Digital Communication and Networking, SJBIT, Bengaluru, VTU.
  • E. in Computer Science and Engineering, AITM Bhatkal, VTU.

Research Interests: Deep Learning, Computer Vision.

Teaching Experience: 11 years


  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine
  • Database, Data Mining, Big Data Analytics.

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With expertise across database management, data mining, C programming, and deep learning, a focus is placed on optimizing algorithms and extracting insights from complex datasets. Proficiency lies in streamlining data management and developing efficient algorithms, utilizing advanced techniques such as deep learning for predictive analytics. Passion for solving challenges and driving success infuses value into any project or initiative.