The Student Grievance Redressal Cell addresses grievances impartially and fairly, ensuring confidentiality when necessary. Students with genuine concerns can approach department members directly or consult with the Students Council. If someone prefers not to appear in person, they can submit their grievance in writing by dropping it in the letterbox/suggestion box located at the Grievance Cell in the Administrative Block.


The Grievance Cell aims to foster a responsive and responsible attitude among students, promoting a harmonious academic environment. The Student Grievance Redressal Cell’s objectives are:

  1. Encourage students to express grievances freely, without fear of retaliation.
  2. Provide a suggestion box for anonymously submitting grievances and suggestions.
  3. Advise students to respect each other’s rights and maintain patience during conflicts.
  4. Advise students to avoid inciting conflicts among peers, teachers, and the administration.
  5. Encourage staff to be considerate and avoid rude or arrogant behavior towards students.

Mechanism for Redressal of Grievances of Students

  1. Grievances are sourced from various channels including the suggestion box, class teachers, written complaints to higher authorities, or emails.
  2. Department-level issues are directed to the respective HODs for resolution, followed by a report request.
  3. Institute-level grievances are discussed in meetings, with individuals involved potentially called for further clarification.
  4. Persistent problems beyond the committee level are escalated to management along with recommendations.
  5. Reports are prepared prior to subsequent meetings.
  6. If a special committee is recommended, it is formed accordingly, and a report is requested upon its conclusion.

Student Grievance Redressal Cell Committee Designation in College Designation in Committee
1. Dr. Fazlur Rahman K Chair Person
2. Prof. Waseem Halwegar Member
3. Prof. Anil Kadle Member
4. Prof. Zahid Hassan Kharuri Member
5. Dr. Basavaraj M.V Member
6. Dr. Iqbal Ahmmed Member


Roles & Responsibilities for Student Grievance Redressal Cell

  1. College expects timely and effective grievance resolution.
  2. The Chairperson leads meetings and guides grievance solutions, with the Convener organizing meetings as needed.
  3. The Convener manages the cell’s processes, updates the Chairperson, maintains files, and may request meetings.
  4. Cell members attend meetings, offer guidance, and facilitate discussions.
  5. The SGRC monitors grievance progress and reports to the Principal.
  6. Encourage students to voice grievances without fear of reprisal.
  7. Promote the use of the suggestion/criticism box for anonymous feedback.
  8. Advise students to respect each other and refrain from inciting conflicts.
  9. Encourage staff to treat students with kindness and address grievances respectfully.

Activities and Future Plans of Students Grievance Redressal Cell

  1. Foster student awareness during the Bridge Course for first-year entrants.
  2. Promote student awareness during the Induction Program for second-year entrants.
  3. Provide weekly updates through the website and suggestion box.
  4. Address grievances promptly and regularly.
  5. Submit reports to AICTE and other relevant authorities.

Online Grievance Submission

    * Use NA for Employee and other Stakeholder