Electrical Final Year Students Visit Industries

The AITM team pose for a group photo at Jindal Steel Works.

Final year students of Electrical and Electronics Department had been to industrial tour on 8th to 11th of November 2016. They visited Jindal Steel Works, Bellary and Central Power Research Institute Bangalore. The visit was aimed at enhancing the knowledge visualisation of Steel industry and testing of various elements/ devices and High voltage equipment’s. The visit helped the E&E students to gain an in-depth practical knowledge on various electric motors and drives used in process control in steel industry Jindal and at CPRI Bangalore. The testing of capacitor, short circuit test (50 MVA capacity), The Extra High Voltage (EHV) test, Impulse current test, Direct Testing Facility of 2500 MVA capacity at 36/72.5 kV in three phase and 1400 MVA capacity, up to 245 kV in single phase for testing of Circuit Breakers and short circuit withstand capability tests on other apparatus viz., Power Transformers, Wave Traps, Reactors, Insulators, Lightning Arresters etc., and for short time current test upto 300 kA rms on Busducts, CTs, Isolators, Panels, etc.

In Jindal Steel Works, Bellary they visited different sections of steel plant such as Ore melting chamber, Blast furnace chamber, Slab making chamber, Hot steel rolling chamber and Cold steel rolling chamber. The entire control room of steel plant which was automated by PLC and controlled by SCADA software. Oxygen plant was not only Oxygen producing plant but it was also a Nitrogen and Argon producing plant. These gases were produced by sucking air from atmosphere. 70% of produced oxygen was used by Jindal Steel section and remaining 30% was sold to hospitals and other industries. Jindal steel works had their own Thermal power plant and cement plant where the heat produced by steel plant is used to rotate turbine of thermal plant of capacity 450MW. And ashes produced by ore chamber of steel plant is used to manufacture cement.

Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore had many testing and Research & development laboratories. They visited some Electrical laboratories such a power capacitor testing lab, High voltage and insulator testing lab, Short circuit generator and isolator testing lab. Battery and Electrical instruments such as AC, Fridge testing lab. Cable testing lab etc. These labs were well equipped and all the products before launching to market are tested here in this laboratory.